Subscription Service

In Store

Big B Comics has a proud tradition of offering our subscribers the most reliable and cost-effective in-store subscription service you will find. We understand the needs of our subscribers and their importance to our business, so you can expect nothing but first-rate service when you join. Never miss an issue of any comic or series on your pull list. We take this very seriously and go to great lengths to ensure accuracy both in ordering and in the weekly pull-and-hold of your comics. Take advantage of our Graphic Novel program, by picking up 10 new graphic novels in the year, you will receive credit towards the 11th book. Enjoy free bags and boards with every new comic you purchase.


The way the service works is you ask to be subscribed to a series or book, and we will put aside a copy for you on a weekly or monthly basis (the same can be done for graphic novels). Ensuring that every time a new issue of that book comes in, that it’s held for you. You are more than welcome to call or email about additions or changes you want to make to your "pull list" or you can even do it while you're in store picking up your comics. For example, let's say you want to get the ongoing Batman title. Every time an issue of that book comes out, we pull it aside for you and keep it here until you're able to come pick it up. We just ask that customers pick up their subscription box once a month at minimum.


The thing about comics is that there are always new series or special "one off" issues that spin out of the comics you may collect! Because of that, Big B will never auto-subscribe you to a series. If there's a specific series/comic you want, ask for it! You will receive an automated email Tuesday night if you've got any new items that have come in for you. Make sure to check your spam folder and if there isn't anything there then it's likely that you just don't have any comics for that week. We ask that subscribers come in at least once a month to pick up their comics. If you can't pick-up, just give us a heads up on when your next pick up would be.




If we go through a three month period of you not picking up your comics you'll get a phone call or email warning after which we'll cancel your subscription and put all your comics back.

Questions about our subscription service? Send us an email to .