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Black Knight Curse Ebony Blade #3 (Of 5)

Black Knight Curse Ebony Blade #3 (Of 5)


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THE MIGHTY THOR VS. THE BLACK KNIGHT! • Dane Whitman wields the magical Ebony Blade as the BLACK KNIGHT! • He needs ELSA BLOODSTONE's help if he's going to stop an enemy's murderous hunt for the EBONY ARTIFACTS. • But the EBONY CHALICE lies beyond this world in a wasteland of dangerous fantasies and predatory magic. • Their battle in the present will reveal dangerous secrets of the past as THE MIGHTY THOR duels the first Black Knight at Camelot! • The Chalice's power, like the Ebony Blade's, comes at a terrible cost…is Dane willing to pay it?! Rated T+ (W) Simon Spurrier (A) Sergio Davila (CA) Iban Coello

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