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Black Panther By Ewing Tp Vol 02 Reign At Dusk

Black Panther By Ewing Tp Vol 02 Reign At Dusk


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A secret from Wakanda's past threatens to destroy its future! Crimelord Baba Nkisu has summoned the deadly killer known as Kivu'Ma - but he may have gotten more than he bargained for. T'Challa must defend Wakanda from a dark power unleashed, and the only key to victory is buried in the nation's past. But Kivu'Ma's devastation leaves the Panther - and all of Birnin T'Chaka - badly shaken! Meanwhile, Beisa enlists Black Panther's help in her ongoing investigation of Wakanda's crime families - but what does the spiraling number of missing-persons cases have to do with the St. Croix family and their daughter, the powerful Uncanny Avenger named Monet? As tensions rise higher than ever among Biti's crime families, the vengeful spirit known as the Gray Wolf is on the prowl! Collecting BLACK PANTHER (2023) #6-10. Rated T+ (W) Eve L. Ewing (A) Mack Chater & Various (CA) Taurin Clarke

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