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Gi Joe Tp Vol 2 Idw

Gi Joe Tp Vol 2 Idw


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G.I. JOE battles all new threats as the defenders of Earth! After the events of Revolution changed everything, the JOEs are left to clean up the mess. G.I. JOE has fought Cobra, the Dreadnoks and more, but never before have they faced a threat like this: Gigantic, heaving abominations crawling up from the depths of the Earth itself. As teams of JOEs struggle to respond to the unpredictable attacks, Scarlett must decide what to do with the enemy in the team's midst. Plus, the G.I. JOE leader reveals a troubling secret to her second-in-command, Roadblock. Collects issues #5-9. Bullet points: * 'Its a two-guitar attack for the heavy metal fun of G.I. Joe.' -Newsarama * Advance solicited for December release!

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