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Godzilla Rivals Vs Hedorah 10 Copy Veregge Incv

Godzilla Rivals Vs Hedorah 10 Copy Veregge Incv


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It's the 1970s, and the world's most terrifying Kaiju smash their way through New York City! As Godzilla and Hedorah do battle above, down below Todd Hopkins is racing across Manhattan, in a desperate bid to save the only scientist who can stop the chaos and drive the monsters back into the sea. But before the day is over, secrets will be revealed, and terrible choices made, to save the city from utter destruction! Writer Paul Allor (TMNT, G.I. Joe) and artist E.J. Su (Transformers, Godzilla: Legends) join forces to bring the premiere Godzilla Versus quarterly one-shot series in explosively shocking fashion! And each stand-alone issue features special wrestling poster-themed retailer incentive variants by fan-favorite artist Jeffrey Veregge (Transformers, Judge Dredd). (W) Paul Allor (A) E. J. Su (CA) Jeffrey Veregge

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