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Secret Six By Gail Simone Omnibus Hc Vol 01

Secret Six By Gail Simone Omnibus Hc Vol 01


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This band of outcasts has fought the world's greatest heroes and the world's deadliest villains. They've shot, swindled, scammed, and double-crossed the very best and lived to tell the tale. The Secret Six will take any job if the price is right but might kill each other off in the process. Collects VILLAINS UNITED #1-6, VILLAINS UNITED: INFINITE CRISIS SPECIAL #1, BIRDS OF PREY #104-109, SECRET SIX (VOL. 2) #1-6, SECRET SIX (VOL. 3) #1-16, and stories from 52 #28 and COUNTDOWN #22, along with an introduction and commentary by Simone, new cover by Nicola Scott, and more! (W) Gail Simone, Various (A) Nicola Scott, Dale Eaglesham (CA) Nicola Scott

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