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Singularity Ogn Tp

Singularity Ogn Tp


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How much loss can one soul endure? Blue Eyes can't stop being reborn. He tumbles from life to life, from one unthinkably strange universe to the next-the only constant that, one way or another, everything that he learns to love is lost. But when Blue Eyes finally catches up to a mysterious figure he's seen recurring throughout his lives, he realizes he might just have a chance to escape his cursed immortality-or, at very least, exact revenge for it.Inspired by, and a companion to, Emmy and BAFTA Award-winning composer Bear McCreary's first-ever original concept album of the same name, The Singularity sees a cavalcade of comics' greatest artists join with writer Mat Groom to tell a sweeping, cosmic story about the lessons that loss can teach us. (W) Matthew Groom, Bear McCeary (A) ash s & Various (CA) John Hofstetter

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