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Women Dynamite Sheena Queen Campbell B&W Statue

Women Dynamite Sheena Queen Campbell B&W Statue


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There's something thrilling emerging from the jungle! For years, Dynamite has been the 'home' of Sheena, publishing her greatest adventures to date, and now, the 'Queen of the Jungle' makes a new home on collectors' shelves. Inspired by the legendary artwork of superstar artist, J. Scott Campbell, Sheena comes to life in 3-D with her very first limited-edition statue developed by Dynamite Entertainment and sculpted by Steve Kiwus. This 1/6 Scale statue, standing approximately 10' tall and featuring a beautifully detailed jungle environment, is Campbell's unique interpretation of Sheena and a one-of-a-kind piece. It makes a striking addition to Dynamite's collection of other, amazing J. Scott Campbell statues. (A) J. Scott Campbell

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