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Destiny Gate Tp

Destiny Gate Tp


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During the Great Depression, Mitchell Slate did everything he could for his family. One day, his ride home takes a dark turn when Mitchell's train veers off the rails and into a macabre journey through his own fragile soul. There, he'll have to face that life is, for the most part, a product of the decisions you make, and for some, a 'wrong' decision or two (or more) leads to a crossroads on the other side of the Destiny Gate. Can Mitchell fight for a chance to survive and start anew, or will he succumb to his inner demons and end it all for himself, or worse-those he loves? Writer RYAN CADY (HAUNT YOU TO THE END, Batman ) and artist CHRISTIAN DiBARI (REVOLVERS, MAGDALENA: REFORMATION) take you on a mind-bending journey through the fabric of reality that will test Mitchell Slate's beliefs, his devotion to his family-and his sanity. Collects DESTINY GATE #1-4 (W) Ryan Cady (A/CA) Christian DiBari, Simon Gough

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