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Amazing Spider-Man Epic Coll Tp Spider-Man Or Spider-C

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Coll Tp Spider-Man Or Spider-C


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Peter Parker's life has never been easy, but it's hard for things to get worse after your dead girlfriend shows up on your doorstep. Uh-oh, we've challenged that infamous Parker luck - which means things will definitely get worse! Spidey?you've been cloned! In the storyline that shocked the comics world, the scheming Jackal has cloned both Gwen Stacy and Spider-Man, and now Spidey must face one of his greatest personal tragedies! Then, Doc Ock returns - and he's brought the ghost of Hammerhead with him! And they're not the only ones back from the grave. The Kingpin is out to resurrect his son - and he can, if Spider-Man dies! This Epic Collection isn't all reanimation-a-go-go, though. Peter and Mary Jane's relationship blossoms in these pages - and they even share their first kiss! Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #143-164 and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL (1964) #10. Rated T (W) Gerry Conway, Various (A) Ross Andru, Various (CA) Gil Kane

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