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Avengers Epic Collection Tp Final Threat New Ptg

Avengers Epic Collection Tp Final Threat New Ptg


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A new era begins for Earth's Mightiest Heroes with a new Avengers lineup under the guidance of writers Gerry Conway and Jim Shooter! Teamed with a who's who of top 1970s art talent - George Pérez, Jim Starlin and John Byrne - these master storytellers pit the Avengers against the greatest threats in the Marvel Universe! From Doctor Doom to Ultron, from Attuma to the Sub-Mariner, the Avengers are put to the test in issue after action-packed issue! Ant-Man amok, the return of Wonder Man and the Avengers' all-time classic battle with Thanos highlight this Epic Collection! Collecting AVENGERS (1963) #150-166 and ANNUAL #6-7, SUPER-VILLAIN TEAM-UP #9, and MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE ANNUAL #2. Rated T (W) Steve Englehart, More (A) George Perez, More (CA) George Perez

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