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Basilisk Tp Vol 03

Basilisk Tp Vol 03


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The unspeakable horrors of the past unfold while Hannah and Regan plan one final assault. Will Hannah manage to reach Vanessa? What will it cost her? Meanwhile, Vanessa awakens in a familiar yet foreign place with terrifying implications. Rediscovering the origins of her five siblings' fearsome abilities, Vanessa's madness and bloodlust take on a whole new level, threatening everything around her as the endgame looms… The final volume of the dark supernatural horror series by lauded collaborators Cullen Bunn (The Empty Man) and Jonas Scharf (The Witcher: A Grain of Truth), following the critically acclaimed Bone Parish. Collects Basilisk #9-12. (W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Jonas Scharf

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