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City Boy #1 Cvr A Minkyu Jung & Sunny Gho (Of 6)

City Boy #1 Cvr A Minkyu Jung & Sunny Gho (Of 6)


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First seen in Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special and Lazarus Planet: Legends Reborn, there's a new Korean hero named...City Boy! Or at least, that's the best translation of what the cities call him. City Boy, a.k.a. Cameron Kim, is just trying to make a living by using his powers of being able to speak to cities to find lost and hidden goods to pawn, and it's only just enough to get by. And those abilities mean he hears everything everywhere all the time, including each city's histories and the truths behind them. (It's very loud in his head and something he has to live with.) As his powers get stronger, the cities start forming animal avatars from scraps in order to physically travel alongside him on his adventures. Of course, Gotham is a rat avatar made of city scraps, but what about Metropolis, Bldhaven, Amnesty Bay, or even Themyscira? And not all cities are so kind... (W) Greg Pak (A) Minkyu Jung (CA) Minkyu Jung - Sunny Gho

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