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Godzilla Monsters & Protectors #2 Cvr B Photo Cvr

Godzilla Monsters & Protectors #2 Cvr B Photo Cvr


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Rise Up!' Part 2: The world knows that the King of the Monsters has been riled up by the Linival energy plants, whose output sent Godzilla on a pan-Pacific destructive spree the likes of which the world has never seen--but the danger is greater than anyone knows. Godzilla is sitting in judgment on humanity, and the verdict could spell doom for life on Earth! The Shobijin become aware of this and know they could ask Mothra to intervene... but does humanity deserve Mothra's help? Reuniting the blockbuster creative team of writer Erik Burnham, artist Dan Schoening, and colorist Luis Antonio Delgado (Ghostbusters), 'Rise Up' continues here! (W) Erik Burnham (A) Dan Schoening (CA) Photo

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