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Plants Vs Zombies Hc Snow Thanks New Ptg

Plants Vs Zombies Hc Snow Thanks New Ptg

Big B Comics

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Dr. Zomboss invents a Cold Crystal, which is capable of freezing Neighborville, creating an eternal winter and burying both plants and humans in snow and ice! With most of the benevolent, zombie-battling plants chilled and immobile, Zomboss hopes to lead his cold-blooded zombie troops on a mission to overrun the city. It's up to Nate, Patrice, Crazy Dave, and the fieriest plants to adapt, fight on, and save Neighborville - with the help of pirates! From Eisner Award-winning writer and series mainstay Paul Tobin (Bandette, I Was the Cat), who collaborates with Cat Farris (Emily and the Strangers, My Boyfriend Is a Bear) on this original, standalone graphic novel. (W) Paul Tobin (A/CA) Cat Farris

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