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Power Man Iron Fist Epic Collect Tp Heroes For Hire Ne

Power Man Iron Fist Epic Collect Tp Heroes For Hire Ne


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Marvel's stronger-than-steel man of the streets Luke Cage partners with the mystic kung fu master Iron Fist in the beginning of one of the greatest teams in comic book history! Together, Power Man and Iron Fist are heroes for hire, taking on any job and any challenge - as long as their clients can meet the price. But both heroes have long pasts and old foes out to destroy them. Between facing those menaces and making ends meet, it's a life short on downtime and long on action! This inaugural Epic Collection features the beginning of our heroes' partnership; guest appearances by Colleen Wing and Misty Knight, the Daughters of the Dragon; a team-up with the X-Men; and classic villains including Nightshade, Bushmaster and Sabretooth! Collecting POWER MAN #48-49 and POWER MAN AND IRON FIST (1978) #50-70. Rated T (W) Jo Duffy, More (A) Kerry Gammill, More (CA) Dave Cockrum

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