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Cabinet #1 Cvr A (Of 5)

Cabinet #1 Cvr A (Of 5)


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Mini-Series Premiere. In this vibrant, tongue-in-cheek adventure series, atypical teen Avani and midwestern jock Trent teleport across a post-Cold War landscape to collect bizarre relics. Why? Well, because they need to summon the arcane powers of a resplendent 17th-century cabinet to fix a teeny-tiny mistake the last time Avani used it… unleashing an ancient evil from its prison and accidentally slaughtering her parents. Courtesy of Eisner-nominated writer Jordan Hart (Ripple Effects) and co-writer David Ebeltoft, and introducing the technicolor wizardry of artist Chiana Raimondi! Each issue features a variant interconnected cover by artist Marguerite Sauvage! (W) Jordan Hart, David Ebeltoft (A) Chiara Raimondi

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