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Star Wars Adv Ghost Vaders Castle #1 (Of 5)

Star Wars Adv Ghost Vaders Castle #1 (Of 5)


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Join Cavan Scott, Francesco Francavilla, and a host of classic Star Wars artists in the epic conclusion to the Vader's Castle saga! Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vader's Castle is a horror-packed, star-studded, five-week event guaranteed to haunt your dreams. In issue #1, life is looking up for Lina and Milo Graf and Crater, but Milo has been having nightmares… about zombie droids! Find out what's causing these dreams and if Milo can handle being haunted by the GHOSTS OF VADER'S CASTLE. (W) Cavan Scott (A) Francesco Francavilla, Megan Levens (CA) Francesco Francavilla

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