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Tim Drake Robin Tp Vol 02 A Case Of Chaos

Tim Drake Robin Tp Vol 02 A Case Of Chaos


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Art By Nikola Cizmesija, Serg Acuna, Belen Ortega, And Alberto Alburquerque A new chapter of Robin's story begins! Picking up after the explosive events in Volume 1, it's date night for Tim and his boyfriend, Bernard, and the recent sense of calm in Gotham Marina is about to change! Batwoman shows up with a mystery only the world's best Robin can solve--if they can team up and learn to work together, that is. They need to figure it out fast if they're going to free themselves from the Chaos Monsters! Collects Tim Drake: Robin #7-10 and four short stories from the DC Pride: Tim Drake Special. (W) Meghan Fitzmartin (A) Various (CA) Dan Panosian

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