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Bully Wars Tp Vol 01

Bully Wars Tp Vol 01


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I HATE FAIRYLAND and Deadpool writer SKOTTIE YOUNG and artist AARON CONLEY (Sabertooth Swordsman, Rocket Raccoon & Groot) bring you book one of their hilarious all-ages series! Rufus has been the biggest bully in Rottenville since kindergarten, but everything changed on the first day of high school. Suddenly going from bully to bullied, he's forced to make a shaky pact with his favorite geeks, Spencer and his twin sibling besties Edith and Ernie, to survive the Hunger Games-like contest known as the Bully Wars-where the winner will rule the school! Collects BULLY WARS #1-5. (W) Skottie Young (A/CA) Aaron Conley

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